Logo for "Neighbors for More Neighbors Ann Arbor." A series of interlocking shapes that look like buildings in green, orange, yellow, and blue.

We are neighbors who say “yes” to a more diverse set of housing options in Ann Arbor. We’d like to be your neighbor. Join us!

House people, not cars

Ann Arbor’s zoning ordinances require that every new development include a certain number of parking spaces per housing unit. This subsidizes driving by making housing more expensive, exactly the wrong thing to do in a housing shortage. It is also contrary to our climate goals. We are therefore delighted that Ann Arbor City Council hasContinue reading “House people, not cars”

Less Talk, More Housing

Let’s simplify our planning process to encourage more equitable development By Kirk Westphal, former Ann Arbor City Council Member and Planning Commissioner If we are learning anything from our regional housing affordability crisis, it’s that we need more housing—a lot more. At the core of our crisis is the fact that the number of housingContinue reading “Less Talk, More Housing”


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