House people, not cars

Ann Arbor’s zoning ordinances require that every new development include a certain number of parking spaces per housing unit. This subsidizes driving by making housing more expensive, exactly the wrong thing to do in a housing shortage. It is also contrary to our climate goals.

We are therefore delighted that Ann Arbor City Council has the opportunity to remove all of our parking minimums at their August 15 meeting. Please contact council to express your support. You can find instructions for contacting council here.

This change has been a long time coming. The city’s Comprehensive Transportation and A2Zero plans both recommend removing parking minimums, and both the Planning and Transportation Commissions have unanimously recommend passage.

To understand how American cities got into this mess, and the other issues it causes, see Vox/Mobility Lab’s “The high cost of free parking” or Strong Towns on Ending Parking Minimums.

Map of Ann Arbor with all areas zoned as parking highlighted. The map shows that we have a lot of parking!